Accumulated Sailing Log Stats

I thought it’d be very cool to track every hour and mile of sailing completed, so starting when I took the ASA Sailing class, I’ve kept track of those stats (and other stats) with an app on my phone.
All the information is logged into a Sailing Log spreadsheet I keep on my Google Drive. The really neat part of this it that it automatically updates the associated chart every time new information is input. 

Here’s the chart that shows accumulated hours and nautical miles spent sailing so far. These are hours actually moving, not time spent rigging and un-rigging the boat.

The app tracks even more data, such as maximum speed and average moving speed. I might end up making a page on this site with some charts containing complete stats.

I’ve been accused of being a nerd or geek in the past…guess this is one way to prove that correct. Lol.




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Looking forward to trading in a life on land for a life aboard a sailboat and cruising wherever the wind takes us.

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    October 7, 2013

    HI Mike – what app do you use to track your sailing log? It looks pretty cool.

    • Reply
      Mike Author
      October 7, 2013

      Thanks Ellen, I use an android app called My Tracks (by Google) to track the time, speed and location information. After completing the trip, I input the results into a spreadsheet I have on Google Drive. The spreadsheet has a chart function that pulls the desired results and places it in that neat dial-looking chart.

      I hope that was clear enough…Lol…if not let me know and I’ll try again. :-)

      • October 10, 2013

        Thanks Mike – I’ll definitely check it out!

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