An Embarrassment of Mangoes

An Embarrassment of Mangoes Book CoverI just finished reading a great book, An Embarrassment of Mangoes: A Caribbean Interlude by Anne Vanderhoof. The book was recommended to me by one of our blog readers. As soon as I finished it, Amy picked it up. This is the true story of the author and her husband who took two years away from work and had the adventure of a lifetime cruising in the Caribbean. The book is filled with excitement and details of their travels and is a very easy read. At the end of each chapter the author includes several recipes that she prepared onboard…most based off a meal someone from the local population prepared for them. I can’t wait to try some of them out!

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Looking forward to trading in a life on land for a life aboard a sailboat and cruising wherever the wind takes us.


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    February 4, 2013

    Check out her other book – The Spice Necklace. I enjoyed them both very much.

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      Mike Author
      February 4, 2013

      Great, I will, thanks. You’re the second person to refer that book to me now.


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